“death note”, the popular manga by 大場つぐみ (ohba tsugumi) is scheduled to hit the big screen in june (2006?). they has planned to make “death note” in two parts. the sequel will be launched in october. the movie possibly will be directed by 金子修介 (kaneko-shusuke), he previously directed several infamous titles like 『あずみ2 Death or Love』 (azumi2) / 『ガメラ trilogy』(gamera 1・2・3) and『ネクロノミカン』 (necronomomicon).

藤原竜也 (fujiwara tatsuya, the lead actor from バトル・ロワイアル / battle royale) will portray the role of 夜神 月 (yagami raito). the role of “L” hasn’t been confirmed yet, but unconsolidated source reveals that “L” will be played by 松山ケンイチ (matsuyama kenichi, support actor from 「1リットルの涙」/ 1 litre of tears). for リューク (ryuku) and レム (remu), they could be computer-generated figures, according to the rumors. at this moment, there’s still no information for the role of 弥 海砂 (amane misa).

i doubt if it would be fun to watch. or may be not? this maga series was fun and exciting to read because the writer knew the way to roll the story beyond readers’ speculations. and most of the time the chracters just rendered their malicious plans inside their own heads.

デスノート official website is currently online with one page.

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