DEATH BOX is a special box which includes seven items as follows,

  • 月・L・ミサ ジオラマフィギュア (Light, L and Misa figures)
  • 死神スカルオブジェ (skull object)
  • 死神眼球ペンダント (eyeball pendant)
  • カラー原画レプリカ (6 colored original art replicas)
  • モノクロ原画レプリカ (6 monochrome original art replicas)
  • 別バージョンケース入り小畑健画集『blanc et noir』 (『blanc et noir』in special case)
  • オリジナルデザインステッカー (original design sticker)
  • it’s for die-hard fans of death note who are willing to pay the price for this ultimate box. i am amazed that the box does not include the actual-size notebook of the death itself.

    『blanc et noir』 (it’s french words meaning, white and black) is the compilation artbook illustrated by 小畑健 (obata takeshi). the artbook also features his previous work, ヒカルの碁 (hikaru no go)

    all fans may pre-order DEATH BOX for ¥18,900 and 小畑健画集「blanc et noir」 for ¥4,935 from (shipping & handling cost should be around ¥1,200 – ¥1,500)