yesterday i went to see “dear dakanda” or “เพื่อนสนิท” the movie that everyone’s talking about at this moment. wait, but before that i had to sit through a dozen of annoying commecial ads! [evil]

dear dakanda is a story about one guy and two girls in two different scenarios. between “friend” and “lover” which one to choose? a plot that plays with the situation where there’s a thin line between friends and lover. a friendship that would last forever, or a lover that would last someday.

anyway, i don’t feel that i like this movie as much. if you haven’t seen this movie, please do not continue further because there will be spoilers. if you have seen this movie and you love it very much, you should stop right here.

most of the dialogue in the movie is in local dialect (north & south) so, i had to read the english subtitle because i can barely understand here and there. the theme of the movie is quite alright, however the plot seems not very much likeable to me.

what i do like about this movie.
1. dakanda is very pretty
2. casting is quite neat.
3. the scene on the beach when george and sarah appear, is just amusing.
4. the elder nurse (p’tan)’s performace is remarkable, she can draw every attention almost immediately when she enters the scene.
5. the fox in the play of “le petit prince” is good. i wonder if it’s performed by the elder nurse?
6. did i mention that dakanda is very very pretty?

what i do not like about this movie.
1. the scene where “moo” tells “dakanda” that he loves her and she says something like “why are you telling me now?” or “why didn’t you tell me earlier?” and “moo” walks away. (i can’t remember exactly what she said, but it’s something like that) well, i mean he must already know that she’s with someone that time. what does he expect? “yes! i’ll break up with that guy and let’s celebrate our love” ?!?
2. the scene where a kid dies. i mean, what is that? just to make a shot of the question, “do you believe in life after death?”, please!
3. as if “moo” had no family. (he does have his mother!) it’d be okay. if this was a foreign movie.
4. as if “nui” had no family. well, apparently she never talks about herself.
5. the scene when “nui” says that she gave a chance to all people who enter her life…. to every man? that just sounds desparate.
6. it proves that education has no meaning at all, only love does.
7. “moo” doesn’t go back to “dakanda” and all the time the movie leads me to think that “dakanda” is his first and only love, damn! why on earth he won’t pursue his love? jerk. [evil]

★★☆☆☆ การแสดง (acting)
นักแสดง (actors/casting)
★☆☆☆☆ เนื้อเรื่อง (story)
★★☆☆☆ ดนตรีประกอบ (music/sound effect)
★☆☆☆☆ การถ่ายทำ (direction/composition)
★½☆☆☆ ความชอบโดยรวม (overall)

movie: เพื่อนสนิท | director: คมกฤษ ตรีวิมล | release: 2005