i just had a chance to see a television commercial of muang thai life assurance, “daddy & son” it’s a story about relationship of a father and his son which doesn’t seem to get along quite well. with anger, the father drove his son out off the house. one day, he was on the way car to see his son’s concert, but an unfortunte accident did happen. [cry] [cry]

i wish i had more time…
time to tell my son that i love him more than anything
to spend more time to underdstand him
to hear to what he wanted to say
to talk, to listen to his music
to tell him i am sorry

as i said, i wish i had more time
more time to do things i haven’t done
more time to love and take care of him

this advertisement brilliantly portrays a fact that nothing is certain in this world especially “life” the car-crash scene is shockingly depressive. the watch’s dial which is slowly breaking into pieces symbolises his “time” has run out, but his heart still goes on even in the very last moment of his life.

if you have something to do, do it now. if you have something to say, just say it right then. who knows if there’ll be tomorrow? and don’t forget… always live your life cautiously!

you can download this commercial ad for viewing here (5.57mb wmv)