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low morale’s creep is a music video of radiohead’s “creep” song. it took 3 months to create and contains over one million key frames. creep was created as an extension to a series of shorts called “low morale” which i began to develop during a well-paid, comfortable yet soul-destroying job as a senior designer in a multimedia agency. the countless days spent in the run down converted office, churning out banal multimedia and animation for faceless, lifeless, clueless blue chips had taken their toll on my soul. creep became my creative escape tunnel. ~laith bahrani

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“creep” is written by thom yorke and it’s the first single released by the english rock band radiohead featuring on their 1993 debut album pablo honey. it became one of the band’s biggest hits. this amazing animated video was made in 2004 by laith bahrani, the creator of low morale. after watching it again, i still think it’s brilliant.

หลายคนอาจะเคยเห็นแล้ว แต่คนที่ไม่ได้เป็นแฟนของ low morales หรือสาวกของ radiohead อาจจะยังไม่เคยชม :D
เพลง creep มีศิลปินเอาไปทำคัฟเวอร์อีกมากมาย หากสนใจ เชิญฟังได้ที่บล็อกของฝ้าย (cotton) ~i look at the sky~ คนนี้ก็สาวก radiohead ที่เหนียวแน่นคนหนึ่ง

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