Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride

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Corpse Bride | Tim Burton (2005) ★★★★½
“It’s a beautiful day. It’s a rather nice day. A day for a glorious wedding. A rehearsal my dear, to be perfectly clear. A rehearsal for a glorious wedding. Assuming nothing happens that we don’t really know that nothing unexpected interferes with the show. And that’s why every thing, every last little thing, every single tiny microscopic little thing must go… according to plan, our son will be married. According to plan, our family carried, elevated to the heights of society”

One of my most anticipated films in this year, Tim burton’s Corpse Bride is truly tremendous!

It’s a story of a man named Victor Van Dort whose his parents arrange to marry him off to Victoria Everglot. And they never met each other before. On the rehearsal day, Victor can’t seem to remember his lines properly so he goes out and practice in the gloomy forest where he put the wedding ring on a twig which turns out to be the finger of Emily, the corpse bride. Then the great misunderstanding begins to roll.

Every scene, actaully, every bit, in the film is incredibly creative and well-crafted. Music accompanied by Danny Elfman blends perfectly with the story. I really like the first song and the scene with a piano in the bar. Tim Burton and his team has brought stop-motion effect to another level. all of the characters are deformed and twisted gorgeously.

The scene where emily, the coprse bride appears for the first time is just beyond my imagination. This scene is my most favorite. It’s creepy, ghoulish and gloomy. yet it’s wonderful, it’s fantastic, it’s miraculous! :o Burton’s is a genius!

This dark and gloomy tale with a glimpse of happiness will fill your heart and make you smile. If you love “Nightmare Before Christmas,” it’s likely that you are gonna love “Corpse Bride” as well.

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  • Would you recommmend us to watch this movie in the theater or wait for the DVD? [hihi]

  • Again we can enjoy listening to great score from Danny Elfman who ever crafted with Burton for Batman and Batman Returns.

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    to sunny :
    if you love burton’s work, you “must” see this movie in the theatre. i watched it in digital cinema. [drool]

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    มันทำจาก ซีจี หรือ ใช้สตอปโมชั่นน่ะ?

  • didn’t i say “stop-motion” on the top? [suspicious]

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  • ไม่ใช่การ์ตูน มันคือศิลปะของ tim burton [suspicious]

  • I know this might sound crazy but I have a crush on Victor Van Dort. Tim Burton makes the dolls so cute sometimes.Its just weird and since I do have one on him, I have been listening to the soundtrack on my radio.(I can also play Victors piano solo on the keyboard)I listen to it all the time!

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