Toystore (Coralie Clément)

Toystore (Coralie Clément)

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toystore | coralie clément (2008) ★★★★★
what can possibly say? coralie clément has never failed to delight me!
toystore is her third studio album with her new style which is totally different from her previous albums. toystore isn’t just a pretty fancy title for the album, most of the instruments used in the creation of this album are literally toys such as ukulélé, pennywhistle, pocket horn, alto half-violin, slide-flute, melodica, maracas, shaker, xylophone, baby farfis. acoustic instruments are quite rare in today’s music scene and they were used wisely throughout the entire album. all songs were composed by benjamin biolay, her brother (except the song reine des pommes) who also played all the instruments himself.

the album contains twelve lovely tracks as follows; 1. l’effet jokari 2. c’est la vie 3. share the day 4. le braiser permanent 5. je ne sens plus ton amour (en duo avec étienne daho) 6. sono io 7. on était bien 8. houlala 9. reine des pommes 10. paris dix heures soir 11. so long babylone 12. tu seras à moi. “toystore” is one of my top ten most favorite albums of 2008.


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