city of ember

city of ember

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city of ember is an upcoming film based on the novel with same title by jeanne duprau. the city of ember is the first book in the series followed by the second book titled “the people of sparks”. the third book titled “the prophet of yonwood” tells the story before “the city of ember” and the fourth installment, “the diamond of darkhold” which was just published on august 28, 2008 catches the readers up where they were left off in the second book “the people of sparks”. the studio already planned for film adaptation of the sequel.

the trailer looks promising. i always love the idea of people living under the surface of the planet earth. not to mention that two of my favorite actors; tim robbins and the lovely saoirse ronan are in this film.

the film is scheduled to release in october 10, 2008 in united states; october 16, 2008 in thailand. i’m not going to get into any detail in the story here. if you read the book, you’d already know. if you’ve never read, then it’d probably be a good idea to catch it in theatre. but if you really want to know, wiki can always help. however it looks like two main characters are different from the novel version; lina mayfleet and doon harrow should be 12-year-old children. saoirse ronan looks twelve (she’s actually 14), but the other one does not like like 12-year-old-boy to me. is it too difficult to stick to the novel? [sick]

  • Actually Kenan said that he doesn’t want it to be just “another” kiddie adventure where two kids at the same age go on the ride together. He wants audience feel that there is something going on between them. So…is that help?

  • has this book ever been translated into Thai?

    Does anyone know?

  • @pc
    yes, two books from the series have been translated into thai language; “the city of ember” (พิภพบาดาล) and “the people of sparks” (บ้านใหม่บนดิน), under praew publishing.

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