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bruises is a song from american indie band, chairlift which i believe most of you already heard it last year as it is the song featured in apple ipod nano 4th generation commercial. the song is taken from their album released in 2008, titled “does you inspire you” under kanine records. the album was quite difficult to grab one, it was quickly soldout. (and i might add that their album is kinda brilliant.)

luckily, this year, the album “does you inspire you” has been released again under columbia records (with two new tracks), and they just created the promotional music video of their famous song.
so here it is, bruises by chairlift.

bruises (chairlift) lyrics off ▼

  • เพิ่งสังเกตว่าเสียงนักร้องหนุ่มเซ็กซี่มาก [shy]

  • @fridaysongs
    ชอบท่อน i grabbed some frozen strawberries so i could ice your bruising knees มาก :D

  • sweet bruises [ouch]

  • ว่าแต่ทำไมต้องเป็น strawberries ?
    เป็นอย่างอื่นเช่น frozen tomato, cucumber ไม่ได้หรือไงนะ… [eyeclose]

  • ฟังรอบเดียว ทำนองก็ติดหูทันทีเลยอ้ะ [ouch]

  • @tgz
    i believe it could be anything that rhymes with “knees” lol

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