if i can dream

if i can dream

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now, prepare to be startled. prepare for magnificence. prepare for duet you thought was impossible.
céline dion’s travelling back to the year she was born 1968 to sing with the man who is and always will be the world greatest idol!

if i can dream ~lyrics off ▼

céline dion performs duet with elvis presley (1935 – 1977) in the song “if i can dream” written by walter earl brown. the song is notable for its direct quotations to martin luther king, jr. it is one of presley’s most beloved songs. this performance was taken from american idol 2007 episode 33.

  • ตอนนี้วีก็โหลดมาดูค่ะ ชอบหลายๆเพลงเหมือนกัน [oops]

  • เฮ้ยยย! how come! [surprise]

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