Hello iPhone 5s

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And I finally come back to iOS.


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My first Android phone. 天空の覇者Z

Hello iPhone 5

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The new one is longer, thinner, lighter, brighter, faster, and better of course.

Track 8

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Track 8 is another alternate music player on iOS. It is the third iPad music player app to support scrobbling.

Monster ClarityHD Speaker

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Sound quality is quite decent for its size. Well, I like its sound more than Jawbone Jambox.


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Groove comes with automatic playlist creation which is perfect for those who have loads of tunes on their iPad and iPhone.


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OnCue is a music player on iOS to use as Music app substitute.

iPhone Wallpapers: 天野喜孝

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Yes, I am a big fan of Final Fantasy and the characters/artwork created by the brilliant Yoshitaka Amano. If you are a fan of the series, you are probably familiar with his artistic paintings already. These images will work perfectly on Lockscreen with Random Lockscreen. :)

Ringtones 04: ロッテ Fit′s, Nyan Cat & more

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  The 4th installment of ringtone series. Explanation is no longer needed. mp3 | m4r ロッテ Fit’s type A mp3 | m4r ロッテ Fit’s type B mp3 | m4r ロッテ…

Random Lockscreen Wallpaper

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  Just because one Lockscreen wallpaper is boring and I am too lazy to change it everyday. Requirements: » Jailbroken iPhone with SSH and WinterBoard installed. » FTP application which…

Final Fantasy III

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ファイナルファンタジーIII, one of the best Role-Playing Games ever made has landed on iOS. Final Fantasy III was first released by Square in 1990 for Nintendo Famicom system featuring the first…


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Latest addition to my photography section on my phone. From Stepcase, the creator of famous Phototreats. Introducing new way for photo labeling with Labelbox.