Il Volo

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[audio:ilvoloilmondo.mp3][audio:ilvoloelamiavita.mp3][audio:ilvolosmile.mp3] Il Volo | Il Volo (2011) Il Volo is a trio of Italian pop-opera singers, consists of three male singers: Piero Barone (19), Ignazio Boschetto (18) and Gianluca Ginoble…

Selbstgespäche (Karlo Jurina)

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[audio:karlofernweh.mp3][audio:karlofruhlingserwachen.mp3][audio:karlosommerfrische.mp3] Selbstgespäche | Karlo Jurina (2011) Beautiful debut album from German musician Karlo Jurina. It is a guitar acoustic album inspired by the record Conversation with Myself which Bill Evans…

Old Tyme Religion (Hugo)

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[audio:hugorocknrolldelight.mp3][audio:hugohurtmakesitbeautiful.mp3][audio:hugowakealone.mp3] Old Tyme Religion | Hugo (2011) Bought this album since January but I just recently got time to listen to the entire album. This album contains thirteen tracks including…

…And They Have Escaped The Weight of Darkness (Ólafur Arnalds)

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อัลบัมของศิลปินจาก Iceland อัลบัมนี้ก็เป็นอัลบัมที่ห้าของเขาแล้ว ออกอย่างเงียบเชียบไปเมื่อปีที่แล้ว

Safari Disco Club (YELLE)

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[audio:safaridiscoclub.mp3][audio:queveuxtu.mp3] Safari Disco Club | YELLE (2011) Je veux goûter à tout, je veux goûter. Connaître le goût du péché, croquer dans ta pomme empoisonnée. Je tombe dans les pommes,…

Happiness (Hurts)

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[audio:sunday.mp3]   Happiness | Hurts (2010) Brilliant debut album from English synthpop duo. They released “Better Than Love” as first single back in May, followed by “Wonderful Life”, and “Stay”.…

Good Afternoon (Bell Supol)

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[audio:atmosphere.mp3] good afternoon | Bell Supol (2010) Debut album from Thai singer Bell Supol. With lead single “ตอบได้ไหมว่า…ได้ไหม” followed by “แสนล้านนาที” should give you the idea how his album would…

The White Room (Singular)

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[audio:longtry.mp3] The White Room | Singular シングラー (2010) Debut album from Thai musician duo, Singular. This is an easy listening album with light pop and acoustic instruments which will brighten…

Merry Christmas II You (Mariah Carey)

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img src=/imgs/cd/mariahmerrychristmasiiyou.jpg width=549 height=300 border=0/> [audio:herecomessantaclaus.mp3] Merry Christmas II You | Mariah Carey (2010) It’s Christmas again! The thirteenth studio album and second Christmas album by Mariah Carey featuring four…

Doo-Wops & Hooligans (Bruno Mars)

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[audio:marryyou.mp3] Doo-Wops & Hooligans | Bruno Mars (2010) Long awaited debut album by American songwriter/singer Bruno Mars who features his voice in hit songs “Nothing On You” by B.o.B and…

Libra Scale (Ne-Yo)

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[audio:causeisaidso.mp3] Libra Scale | Ne-Yo (2010) The fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo, with lead single Beautiful Monster released back in June 2010. Followed by Champagne Life in July…

A Thousand Suns (Linkin Park)

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[audio:whentheycomeforme.mp3] A Thousand Suns | Linkin Park (2010) After my big disappointment in “Minutes to Midnight” three years ago, Linkin Park is back with their new album entitled “A Thousand…