brain training

brain training

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my favorite australian actress nicole kidman is featured in a nintendo ds game’s ad. it’s a television ad for the sequel to the popular tohoku university future technology collaborative research center’s professor ryuta kawashima presents : brain training for adults – ds training (東北大学未来科学技術共同研究センター川島隆太教授監修 脳を鍛える大人のDSトレーニング) which is also known as “brain age” in other countries. her tv ad was set to air first on june 25, 2007 in the uk. while the game was scheduled to launch across eurupe on june 29.

according to nintendo, kidman was chosen because of “her universal appeal to mainsteam audiences of all ages and backgrounds, as well as her reputation for being intelligent, entertaining and genuine”. totally agree.

  • Brain Age ภาค 2 ออกแล้วนะ ขายได้มากมายตั้งแต่สัปดาห์แรกที่ออก ไปหา NDS มาเป็นเจ้าของได้แล้ว เอิ๊กๆๆ

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  • [itongue] i really like her and also i think she looked so cute in this ads

    i wanna buy it too because of her! [shy]

  • อยากได้ฮ่ะ [ismile]

  • อยากมี อยากได้ นิ [ismile]

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