blood energy potion

blood energy potion

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unlike potion from final fantasy, blood energy potion from urban collector promises the world’s first synthetic blood beverage. each blood bag contains 4 hours of energy with similar nutrition just like the real blood. not only that, it also features the same color, look and feel of the real human blood. the only difference is its taste. the pouch is re-sealable. this will make a perfect companion for vampires.

the blood energy potion is expected to be available in january 2010. if you want to suck the blood potion, you can pre-order it now for 5.99 usd (~200 baht) from urban collector.

  • trublood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    จะรสชาติเหมือนกัดปากตัวเองเปล่าหว่า [lol]

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