The E•N•D (Black Eyed Peas)

The E•N•D (Black Eyed Peas)

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if we could party all night and sleep all day
and throw all of my problems away
my life would be easy…


the e•n•d | black eyed peas (2009) ★★★★☆
the e•n•d (the energy never dies) is the fifth studio album by black eyed peas. the lead single from the album is the electronic beat, boom boom pow which immediately topped the billboard chart, followed by the second single i gotta feeling.

the production of this album is quite different from their previous albums, it’s not just traditional hip-hop style. they have turned into spellbound electro-pop, and i like it very much! this album is possibly my most favorite album from black eyed peas, there are many tracks with really funky beats and amazing melody such as “boom boom pow”, “rock that beat”, “meet me halfway”, “imma be”, “alive”, “missing you”, “party all the time”

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    ไปค้นดู เหมือนมันจะออกปี 2009 นะ หรือเปล่า?

    Their latest studio album, The E.N.D., was released in June 2009. “Boom Boom Pow” was released on February 22 online and March 30 on iTunes.

    version deluxe edition หน้าปกสีแดง มีสองแผ่นด้วย วาว

  • original cd review has come!!! i’ll prove it myself. it’s not my style but i like few songs of them. [twisted]

  • @k
    2-disc edition isn’t selling in thailand.

  • I love “i gotta feeling”

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