I Am…Sasha Fierce (Beyoncé)

I Am…Sasha Fierce (Beyoncé)

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i am…sasha fierce | beyoncé (2008/2009) ★★★★☆
i am…sasha fierce is the third studio album from beyoncé. the album was first introduced in 2008 as double cd, the first disc is called “i am” and the second disc is an alter-ego of beyoncé, called “sasha fierce”. since i am not a big fan of beyoncé, i was not interested in this album at that time.

in 2009 the album has been re-released as platinum edition which includes all the songs from previous release plus several new bonus tracks in total of 20 tracks as follow; 1. single ladies (put a ring on it) 2. diva 3. ego 4. halo 5. if i were a boy 6. smash into you 7. sweet dreams 8. broken-hearted girl 9. scared of lonely 10. that’s why you’re beautiful 11. hello 12. radio 13. video phone 14. ego (ft. kanye west) 15. why don’t you love me 16. honesty 17. save the hero 18. satellites 19. disappear 20. ave maria

the platinum edition comes with bonus dvd containing eight promotional video; 1. if i were a boy 2. single ladies (put a ring on it 3. diva 4. halo 5. broken-hearted girl 6. ego (ft. kanye west) 7 ego (fan exclusive) 8. sweet dreams, and one exclusive documentary: behind the scene of the videos. is it worth the money? i would say it is definitely worth it! okay the album would get something like three stars from me, i added one more for the dvd. :)


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