beware of facebook′s wall

beware of facebook′s wall

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if you have message like this on your facebook’s wall written by one of your friends.
do not try to visit the site, it is the new phishing scam!

it appears as a message on your wall telling you something like your photo or address is on a site without any actual link which might make you wonder and start copying or typing in your address bar. once you access the website it will notify you that photo or something has been uploaded from your computer with this ip in the last 24 hours. do not go further, do not fill anything. when you try to close it, it will alert you with blah blah blah. just ignore everything and leave the site immediately.

sinkstumble is one of the phishing sites; here’s the list of potential names which could appear on your facebook’s wall disguised as one of your friends’ writing.

bakespoil, barkjump, blendgrowl, blinksnap, boaststing. broilwish, buzzpaddle, cackletoss, climbrattle, climbfloat, crawlwhip, cryhike, cutboast, dashpush, floatclick, frightenfrighten, groanhop, hiderush, laughbang, laughrattle, mixclang, passbump, poachbang, pretendbump, pretendtoss, purrswing, ringgrowl, sailroast, screamcaw, screechclimb, sinkstumble, spoilgiggle, spoilhike, spoilroll, spoilsail, spreadthump, sprayboil, stalkblast, stuffcrush, stuffrattle, swimcrush, swimhum, swimstroll, voteboil, voterub, wagfloat, waveshiver, wrestlegrowl

go check your facebook’s activities
and make sure that you didn’t write on anyone’s wall while you were sleeping.
in case the message was sent from your account or your friends, it is strongly recommended that you should follow the steps in immediately.


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