an education

an education

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sixteen year old girl, jenny mellow lives with her parents in london. her father wants her to further her education in oxford university. and she is willing to do so, until she meets david on a rainy day. after meeting with david, her life starts to change into a fancy and romantic one. she later knows how david and his colleagues earn their money. reluctantly at first, she has to decide weather to join the wonderful journey that david offers or go back to school and study to get herself into oxford, living supposedly a dull life as she describes in her mind.

good screenplay, exceptional soundtrack, classy costume, charming performance. not the greatest film but it is very enjoyable to watch. the storyline is plain, life ain’t always easy.

★★★★★ acting
★★★★★ actors/casting
★★★★☆ story
★★★★★ music/sound effect
★★★★★ direction/composition
★★★★☆ overall

movie: an education | director: lone scherfig | release: 2009