alone (its orginal thai title is fadd (แฝด) which literally means ‘twins’ in english) tells a story a thai couples (ploy & vee) both working and living in korea. on one night, ploy receives an emergency phone call from thailand notified that her mother just had a stroke. ploy and vee then have to fly back immediately.

after a while, the film starts to tell the audience that ploy is used to be conjoined twins but she had the operation to seperate her and her sister when they were fifteen years old. the result of that operation led to her sister’s death. after arriving at her old house, she begins to feel that she has been watched. someone or something is staying beside her. she’s believing it must be her sister coming back from the dead to reclaim her life.

masha wattanapanich successfully portrays the role of conjoined twins with her exceptional acting skills. background music is just brilliant. special effects used in this film suits are all good, though many scenes are not so originals as many people who’ve seen it told me there’re several scenes that resembling to hollywood film ‘what lies beneath’ and korean film 장화, 홍련 (a tale of two sisters)… fortunately i’ve never seen ‘what lies beneath’ and i remembered turning off television after watching ‘장화, 홍련’ on dvd for 50 minutes because it was so boring. in fact, there’re very few originalities in horror films these days, so i wouldn’t mind watching the same effect which was previously used in other films if they can put it in the right moment like this one. personally i think it’s stupid if we’re going to watch a film to catch if the scenes we just saw were used in other films without really looking into the context of the whole film.

my most favorite scene is the scene where masha walking by the beach alone. it’s so thrilling! i would freak out if i was in that situation. another unforgetable scene is the sound of breathing.

in my opinion, the weak point of this film is the plot. there’re some unexplainable scenes. i believe 50% percent of the audience who constantly watch thriller / suspense / horror flicks would be able to figure out the ending after watching half of the film. there’s nothing seriously wrong with that. i just thought it would be great if they could add something more twisted, more unexpected.

though ‘alone’ can’t surpass their previous work titled ‘shutter’ but ‘alone’ is definitely can be called as a decent thriller film. recommend for all horror/thriller film lovers.

★★★★☆ acting
★★★★☆ actors/casting
★★★☆☆ story
★★★★☆ music/sound effect
★★★★☆ direction/composition
★★★★☆ overall

movie: alone (fadd) | director: banjong pisanthanakun & parkpoom wongpoom | release: 2007