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after the wild party where people had fun dropping their glasses including @bo_ho and @iburikinn who wanted to jump into the pool so bad by himself, unfortunately @oaddybeing did not allow him to accomplish such mission. here came the morning.
what could be better than dropping our legs into running water?
the owner of pai à ars suggested us to put the chair into the canal, so we did!

in the evening we had an unforgettable dinner by @monamafia and @iannnnn, accompanied by @inanza and @phisite, with special guest @kejuliso who sacrificed herself by climbing the papaya tree to get the essence of the famous dish stir-fried papaya with shredded chicken a.k.a. “ผัดมะละกอใส่ไก่”. later joined the feast were @bo_ho, @nuuneoi, @thee98, @imenn and @sweetener.
it was another night to remember.

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  • เธอแอบมาเม้าท์ฉันกระทั่งในนี้! [furious]

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